Some practical questions you might want answers to:

When do I get my package? 

Packages go out on the first week of each month. CT and surrounds usually take a day or two for delivery. Other areas can take up to five days.

When should I make my payment? 

If you chose a manual payment (EFT), please pay at least two weeks before the new month.

How do I know what I will receive? 

We try and focus on the surprise element with each package – we do give teasers closer to the arrival of the package to maximise the fun. However, the plant choice is generally spread over a range of plants from succulents to tropical plants.

What’s your returns policy? 

Due to the nature of the plant industry we are unable to accept returns on plants. However, if you’re unhappy about the condition of your plant we’ll happy send you a replacement plant or refund you.