Gift Card


Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further!

A gift-card entitles the recipient to a month where they will receive a surprise plant, care instructions and a new and awesome plant-related gift.

We’ll email you a personalised voucher within 48  hours that you can send on to the recipient. Just add the name and the reason you’re gifting the voucher (E.g to Megan ‘Happy Birthday’; ‘Congratulations’) in the additional information box in the checkout process. 

We support local and upcoming businesses to showcase their products as well as giving subscribers a fun way to connect to the plant world. Whether it be through discovering new and exciting plants, making plant friends or connecting to plant-related businesses.

Boxes go out on the first Monday of every month. The next box will go out on the 7th of December. Due to the holiday season, January’s box will go out on the 18nth of January.



Plants that have been included in previous boxes:

  • Calathea zebrina
  • Button Fern
  • Philodendron Painted Lady
  • Syngonium Neon
  • Fluffy Ruffle Fern
  • Marble Queen Pothos
  • Fairy Castle Cactus
  • Staghorn Fern

Gifts that have been included in previous boxes:

  • Macrame hangers
  • Hand-made ceramic planters
  • Original paintings of plants
  • Skinny La Minx soft buckets
  • Saffron’s Garden tote bags
  • Velt Framed artwork
  • Gardening tools
  • Propagation stations